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Hire Mobile App Developers

Hire Mobile App Developers

There is a global race among businesses of today to offer their services in a compact, application-based format. In a smartphone and tablet-dominated world where users spend 88% of their ‘mobile time’ on apps, every modern business wishes to sprawl its service across emerging platforms. But, simply creating and deploying your app using templated UI/UXs and competitor business logic today simply will not cut it. Your business needs to hire mobile app developers who can take your app's business logic and imbue it with custom features, interfaces, data models, and third-party integrations. So, who are you going to call for these app creation and maintenance requirements?

Behold, HourlyDeveloper’s superlative app development services for rapid, bespoke application development. HourlyDeveloper comprises junior developers, advanced programmers, and senior engineers/project managers who can amplify your app's user retention capabilities with superlative, rich features and performance. We can help you eliminate bugs that impact your application modules; assist your in-house team dedicatedly in optimizing codebases, testing unit modules, customizing and integrating SOAP & REST APIs, and more.

HourlyDeveloper’s app development and life-cycle support/maintenance services can help your business surpass rankings on application stores with 953.74k+ and counting app publishers. As an India-based, consolidated team of app-building technology experts who are savvy with the latest development practices in the market, and flexibly undertake requirements to deliver with great velocity. You may hire mobile app developers from HourlyDevelopers through cost-efficient engagement models for dedicated offshore/onshore support. If you are still not sure about what you are missing out on, by not availing of quality app development services, then read on.

Growing Demand For Indian App Developers

The Indian app development industry provides a sustainable balance of cost-effective engineering services versus highly proficient, technologically disruptive software-creation ingenuity. Recent market drivers such as on-demand entertainment, FinTech, eLearning, and retail services have led to a breakneck race among software development agencies to up their game.

In such a scenario, HourlyDeveloper’s mission-critical app engineering services can help you deploy apps that engage users across existing and newly targeted demographics; you can strengthen your apps against the evolving trend of cyber-attacks; your business conversion and retention improve as your app behaves seamlessly and responsively across platforms, old and new. Still unsure whether our services can be a difference-maker? Sample this.


A US$ 1,662.4 Million Market

Tap into the Indian app market which hit the US$ 1,662.4 million mark in 2022.


Indian App Publishers

We can help your app become one of the most downloaded apps on the market.


Million Downloads

We can help your app compete and rank on the Play Store immediately.

Technology Stack For App Development

React Native

Free 30-Min Consultation: Hire Developers with Confidence!

Worried about which technology to use? Not sure how to host your app? Consult HourlyDeveloper’s experts free of charge for advice.

Steps To Hire Mobile Developers

Provide Project Details

1. Provide Project Details

Share complete details of your project, including features, functionalities, and the technologies and platforms you prefer to use.

Select Candidates

2. Select Candidates

We'll assist you in selecting the ideal developer for your project from our pool of experienced professionals.

Conduct Interviews

3. Conduct Interviews

We'll coordinate and facilitate interviews with the selected candidates to assess their skills and experience.

Onboard the Developer

4. Onboard The Developer

Once you've identified the right fit for your project, we'll provide them with all the necessary information to get started.

Agree to Contract Terms

5. Agree To Contract Terms

We'll work with you to review and finalize contract and payment terms that align with your project requirements and budget.


6. Replacement

If the initial hire doesn't meet your expectations, we'll collaborate with you to find a more suitable candidate for your project.

650 +

Project Delivered

450 +

Global Clientele

100 +

Software Engineering Stalwarts



Why Choose Us To Hire Mobile App Developers?

In a world of Cloud-based, low-code, WYSIWYG product solutions, HourlyDeveloper sought out the difficult path to program codebases for client software from scratch, and imbue them with trending features that impress users immediately upon download. HourlyDeveloper is here to give you a dedicated bench of cross-disciplinary web and mobile software development expertise for custom business requirements.

Our duly diligent app development experts are responsible for outlining the technical framework, preparing the production environment, designing the prototypes, implementing third-party plugins/libraries or services (AWS, IBM Cloud tools, Zoho, etc.), and more. We are both capable of assisting with a DevOps support model or Agile methodology, as your app CI/CD demands. Hourly developer’s service life-cycle guarantees-

Hire Developer
Detailed Analysis

We help businesses devise their patented solutions to domain-specific demands. We can even develop software for enterprise processes so your operations don’t rely on off-the-shelf software.

Performant Code Quality

Our expert programmers are capable of completing work on multiple modules of your application with clean, version-controlled code. This allows for easy debugging and integration post-deployment.

24/7 Dedicated Support

HourlyDevelopers lets you hire best app developers who have been responsible for the success of numerous app dev projects. They can replicate the same dedication and urgency for any project regardless of size or complexity.

Unambiguous TAT

Our expert project managers help quote the minimum amount of time to complete any component of your requirement. We never falter from handing over deliverables on time.

Timely Feedback

Hire best app developers from us for complete remote management with in-house-level productivity and reporting. All our project management and tracking are done via Cloud-based SaaS platforms.

Source Code Protection & Ownership

All control over the product’ source code belongs to your business from the get-go. As a client-centric development agency, we do not hold any claim over client application code.

Engagement Model

Full Time Full Time

It Includes:

Duration : 160 Hours/Month

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Dedicated TeamDedicated Team

It Includes:

Team Members : 1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile


It Includes:

Duration : Hourly Basis

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : 24 Hours (minimum)

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Offshore Dev CenterOffshore Dev Center

It Includes:

Location : Development Center Set Up In India

Team Members : 20 Minimum

HourlyDeveloper Team : Project Managers, HR, Legal, Accounts & Support Team

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star1 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star2 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star3 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star4 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star5 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star6 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star7 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star8 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed

People Talk About Us

Marc Selzer

When we wanted to launch our service to a global market, we were quite apprehensive about the cost and the technology. We are not exactly technically-sound entrepreneurs. But, HourlyDeveloper built and deployed the app exactly as we wanted. Not only that, but they have also assisted in maintaining and scaling the app service.

Marc Selzer

Melbourne, Australia

Jacob Lefcourt

HourlyDeveloper has helped improve our enterprise applications for better ETL performance, cybersecurity, data decentralization, and other business-oriented purposes. We have been able to meet our annual revenue goals thanks to a more sound technological partnership.

Jacob Lefcourt

California, USA

Andy Michelis

We cannot thank HourlyDeveloper enough for helping our mom-and-pop business become a successful eCommerce service within our operative area. Now, our store has the same features as the big names like Amazon and eBay, and our customers are happier. Thank you, HourlyDeveloper.

Andy Michelis

Manchester, UK

Hassan Mohamed

We were looking for a dedicated mobile app developer for hire and preferably overseas, as the cost of hiring a development agency in the US goes through the roof! We found a hidden gem in the interwebs when we stumbled across HourlyDeveloper. They have been our technological partner mainstay since we opened shop. As long as HourlyDeveloper continues to innovate, we’re here to stay!

Hassan Mohamed

Chicago, USA

Blanche Labelle

‘Take it from a business owner, that ‘best app developers’ is a matter of substance and not brand image and marketing. In a short span of time, HourlyDeveloper did for my SME what several other development agencies considered a monumental task. Now, not only do I cater to customers with ease, all my employees can work flexibly thanks to this Cloud-based productivity platform that HourlyDeveloper has given us!’

Blanche Labelle


Frequently Asked Questions?

A simple mobile application with some feasible features can cost between USD 24.8-$60k. The cost of the development of an advanced app with user-facing features will vary between USD 36k-$85k. Advanced applications with state-of-the-art features cost $59.5k to $USD 137k. These costs can go severely down when you outsource to Indian development agencies.

Set out a budget for the app you wish to develop along with blueprints, feature goals, targeted user types, etc. Decide whether you wish to develop the app in-house, through freelancers, or outsource to dedicated engineers. Consult cohorts, vendors, business networks, and internet listings for an app developer that is suitable for your requirement.

The two main factors influencing your mobile app development cost are the technology framework of the development cycle and the size/complexity of the app. The size and complexity are defined by the number of features it offers, and thereby the number of component modules. The greater the number of component modules, the longer you need to hire developer(s) for development, designing, testing, integration, and deployment. Hence, the number of hours depends on the scope of the app.

Scout your competitor’s services, internet service listings, and development agency portals. Verify the best-dedicated app developer service from their track record and developers’ portfolios and certifications. Check whether their engagement models benefit you in terms of productivity and time zone. Tertiary aspects to confirm before finalization include project management capabilities, Turn-Around Time (TAT), and binding clauses (if any).

That completely depends on the technical skill level of the app developer and the technological specialization. The charges of our mobile app developers for hire are then multiplied by the number of hours they have to dedicate to your requirement.

Every application, even competing ones that cater to similar services from rival brands, has its codebase complexity, backend logic, API couplings, etc. Thus, the average duration to create any type of mobile app varies greatly based on the features and technologies it encompasses. Depending on whether you are developing a simple or advanced, or enterprise-grade app, on average it can cost you anywhere between 3-9 months of development time.

Cross-platform app development means executing applications for both iOS and Android from the same codebase. For this, the developer or development agency must be familiar with programming in JavaScript, jQuery, Android Studio, Xcode, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, and C#. But, more importantly, they must be certified to program in cross-platform app development frameworks like Ionic, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Cordova.

Our certified app development engineers know the above-discussed cross-platform frameworks. We can help migrate any type of app from native as well as other cross-platform frameworks to any other cross-platform framework you want. Through the process, it is our duty to ensure that you do not lose any app or user data, or features.

We can build expert-class enterprise-scale applications that are cross-platform in nature. These applications will behave as hybrid applications that will also invoke native device features to a certain extent. Our design specialists can ensure that your enterprise app bears a seamless, streamlined UI/UX for all users across all platforms.

Indeed. As a part of our full-cycle app development services, we use modern multi-Cloud and hybrid Cloud systems for deploying apps. The Cloud solution can be anything from IBM, Azure, Google, or DigitalOcean, based on your budget and requirements. This should allow you to containerize apps, manage remotely accessible CI/CD, monitor traffic, and other data analytics for ETL and BI.