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Hire Blockchain Developers

Hire Blockchain Developers

Blockchain development is a postulate of the Web 3.0 revolution which has given the world the gift of decentralized technology, Machine Language, AI-driven software, and more. The most common application of Blockchain technology occurs in web-based cryptocurrency services, smart contract development, information security, supply chain management, and more. This has fostered a litany of Blockchain development and maintenance service providers. Hence, enterprises such as yours may be in stiff competition to hire Blockchain developers to develop Cloud-based smart contract software- for retail & eCommerce, FinTech, ePharma, entertainment & media, eLearning, travel & tourism.

Smart contract development and Blockchain development have become synonymous because smart contracts rely on the linkages between the blocks in a cluster to render service. The Blockchain stores data in fragmented, and decentralized/distributed ‘block’ clusters, as opposed to traditional databases. Each of these blocks is indelibly timestamped with sensitive information (for instance, financial transaction details about the payee and recipient). Thus, globally there is steep competition among businesses to hire Blockchain app developers.

Blockchain technology-run services are, therefore, needed for maintenance, storage scalability, real-time compliance SLA management, and event-driven trigger API build & maintenance- especially, for FinTech services. HourlyDeveloper’s consolidated list of Blockchain development services to meet the global demand for premium-grade Blockchain developers for hire. We outsource dedicated teams of Blockchain application development experts for end-to-end and ad-hoc requirement-based services.

Blockchain Developer Hunt: What's The Hype?

Startups and enterprises are ideating new and novel public, private, consortium, and hybrid Blockchain apps for different use cases. The internet is rife with up-and-coming NFT marketplaces, trading exchanges, React & NodeJS integrated smart contract software, etc. Business owners and entrepreneurs are partnering up with Blockchain developers for hire for core Blockchain/smart contract dApps, DEXs, digital wallets, application logic contracts, and DAO contract application development.

They expect dedicated Blockchain engineers to assist their business with optimization, troubleshooting, and auditing Blockchain app code for daily non-disruptive service delivery. There is a race to hire cryptocurrency developers to develop core Blockchain applications with modular and secure architecture; because the market for core Blockchain and Blockchain-based software has flourished in recent years and does not aim to stop any time soon.-


Billion By 2024

Growth and adoption of blockchain technology will be evident across different industries.


Healthcare Apps

By 2025, more than half (55%) of healthcare applications are projected to be using blockchain technology.


Trillion By 2030

Businesses will make the transition to AI with blockchain.

Technology Stack For Blockchain Development


Get 30 Minutes Free Consultation

Regardless of whether you hire cryptocurrency developers and smart contract engineers from us, we can still provide half-an hour's worth of highly skillful and analytical requirement-centric advisory to your business for free.

SDLC Process Followed By Our Blockchain Developers

Quick & Detailed Analysis

1. Quick & Detailed Analysis

We offer a free analysis of your job request inquiry and recommend the kind of Blockchain technology framework and skill level necessary for your requirement. Post contractual and onboarding we conduct a deeper analysis of the requirement.

App-Concept Data Gathering

2. App-Concept Data Gathering

You can hire smart contract software developers who are dedicated and devoted as a team when it comes to researching the latest conventions, trends, and compliances prevalent in your market and among your competitors.

Production Environment & Execution

3. Production Environment & Execution

Blockchain applications have real-time parameters like gas-based transactions, security hash-code generation, consensus algorithm management, etc. For this, we prepare a remotely productive development environment.

Product QA & A/B Testing

4. Product QA & A/B Testing

Operating a Blockchain application is more consumptive than other web apps; it demands an even higher scale of rigorous testing for the wallet, ledger components, virtual machine environments, etc. We conduct system-wide and unit-wise testing of all.


5. Deployment

Hire Blockchain developers proficient in containerizing your Blockchain applications for deployment using Docker, Kubernetes, EKS/ECR, and ElasticBox, as the requirement demands. We can integrate your cryptocurrency ICOs with exchange API engines for Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Post-Deployment Support & Maintenance

6. Post-Deployment Support & Maintenance

Your business can choose to hire Blockchain app developers from us for extended support & maintenance. HourlyDeveloper is known for following a sprint-savvy Agile methodology for post-launch CI/CD and support extension.

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Project Delivered

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Global Clientele

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Why Hire Blockchain Developers From HourlyDeveloper?

HourlyDeveloper is one of the few development and engineering services across the globe that stays abreast of the latest technological trends in the software domain, including web 3.0 and parallelly emerging technologies such as IoT, AI & ML, XR/MR, Cloud-based services, etc. Our flexible engagement model and superlative engineering support allow us to flexibly dispense service to a global clientele- be it a startup SME, or an enterprise-scale MNC.

We have a rapid onboarding process for clients so that we can adapt to the production environment and align our dedicated team with your in-house resources for faster, collaborative delivery. As a remotely functional team of Blockchain app developers, we use a veritable list of Cloud-decentralized software development toolchains and project-tracking platforms.

Hire Developer

With HourlyDeveloper, you can hire Blockchain app developers who can build bespoke, test-driven smart contract applications that follow your blueprint and improve on it.


Our senior project managers lead the charge on the task assigned on the Cloud SaaS/Paas project tracking platforms we use for feedback and deadline management.


Hire Blockchain developers from HourlyDeveloper to experience highly principle, time-sensitive, and methodical smart contract application CI/CD support.


Our smart contract applications are guaranteed to help you rank on search engines, and win over users with highly functional and streamlined smart contract UI flows.


Our ability to cross-integrate cryptography, brand-identifiable UI/UX design, and highly stable multi-tier Blockchain application architecture is a sign of our mature development .

Transparency & Accountability

Businesses are eager to hire Blockchain developers from HourlyDeveloper because of the transparency in our budgeting and our discretion in matters of confidentiality.

Engagement Model

Full Time Full Time

It Includes:

Duration : 160 Hours/Month

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Dedicated TeamDedicated Team

It Includes:

Team Members : 1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)

Communications: Phone, Skype, Chat, Email

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile


It Includes:

Duration : Hourly Basis

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : 24 Hours (minimum)

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Offshore Dev CenterOffshore Dev Center

It Includes:

Location : Development Center Set Up In India

Team Members : 20 Minimum

HourlyDeveloper Team : Project Managers, HR, Legal, Accounts & Support Team

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star1 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star2 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star3 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star4 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star5 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star6 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star7 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star8 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed

People Talk About Us

Marc Selzer

When we wanted to launch our service to a global market, we were quite apprehensive about the cost and the technology. We are not exactly technically-sound entrepreneurs. But, HourlyDeveloper built and deployed the app exactly as we wanted. Not only that, but they have also assisted in maintaining and scaling the app service.

Marc Selzer

Melbourne, Australia

Jacob Lefcourt

HourlyDeveloper has helped improve our enterprise applications for better ETL performance, cybersecurity, data decentralization, and other business-oriented purposes. We have been able to meet our annual revenue goals thanks to a more sound technological partnership.

Jacob Lefcourt

California, USA

Andy Michelis

We cannot thank HourlyDeveloper enough for helping our mom-and-pop business become a successful eCommerce service within our operative area. Now, our store has the same features as the big names like Amazon and eBay, and our customers are happier. Thank you, HourlyDeveloper.

Andy Michelis

Manchester, UK

Hassan Mohamed

We were looking for a dedicated mobile app developer for hire and preferably overseas, as the cost of hiring a development agency in the US goes through the roof! We found a hidden gem in the interwebs when we stumbled across HourlyDeveloper. They have been our technological partner mainstay since we opened shop. As long as HourlyDeveloper continues to innovate, we’re here to stay!

Hassan Mohamed

Chicago, USA

Blanche Labelle

‘Take it from a business owner, that ‘best app developers’ is a matter of substance and not brand image and marketing. In a short span of time, HourlyDeveloper did for my SME what several other development agencies considered a monumental task. Now, not only do I cater to customers with ease, all my employees can work flexibly thanks to this Cloud-based productivity platform that HourlyDeveloper has given us!’

Blanche Labelle


Frequently Asked Questions?

Consider the Blockchain as a type of DBMS that formats transactional data in the form of blocks. These blocks are ‘chained’ to form clusters as each block comes with a specific data storage limit. These chains also bear encrypted stamps bearing the transaction ID, sender-recipient ID, time and date stamp, etc. A ‘documented and robustly-secure smart contract’ is thus created using Blockchain technology for data transactions.

The Blockchain is primarily used for accessibility by crypto owners, miners, trading platforms, etc. Besides FinTech services, the Blockchain also comes in handy for sharing sensitive ePharma data, personal ID data, voting data, original creative content creation and transactions as NFTs, and more.

The cost to hire a Blockchain developer can only be ascertained after analyzing your requirement. The budget you have set aside might even prove too big or small depending on the scope of your smart contract application creation order. Once your budget, blueprint, and SRS order is ready, you can hire Blockchain developers that are capable of meeting your requirement.

Developing Blockchain applications is a complex task. It requires years of cross-disciplinary hands-on experience in programming languages, such as Python. Cryptography components that are essential to smart contract cyber-security must also be a part of their knowledge scope. Then comes the actual task of smart contract or smart contract generation program development. To further implement the networks, you must also hire senior engineers with intricate knowledge of data structures and Blockchain application architecture.

A smart contract development agency is in charge of validating the conditions of data transactions that will comply with several levels of national and international financial and data security protocols. First, you will need to create a budget and blueprint for the type of application your business needs. Then you can search internet listings and consult associates and vendors aligned with you, for leads on developers who know smart contract development compliance protocols.

Complex cryptocurrency Blockchain applications require full-stack engineers as they know decentralized network node connectivity and accessibility. They can help oversee right down to the micro-transactional layer of Blockchain ledgering business logic. This is a benefit for large business organizations that depend on Blockchain-secure network applications for highly sensitive data processes; as equally, they can serve entire startups in starting and launching cryptological safeguarded digital currency ICOs.

When you hire dedicated developers to build a complex Blockchain application from an agency such as HourlyDeveloper, you get the assurance of working with some of the best-certified talents in the discipline, who can bring any application in our specialized domains to life. You will have full control over the development, design, testing, and deployment process. Our post-deployment support further guarantees Agile QA and risk minimization.

Truthfully, the Blockchain domain is mostly dominated by large enterprises with capital to back the technology and/or the digital currency ecosystems that primarily run on the Blockchain. However, a lot of startups across the globe have launched smart contract-based ideas that have won investor financing, sponsorship, and end-user support.

A smart contract is created in the form of a hash-generated code when two parties commit a transaction- be it financial or data. The code runs on the Blockchain network, outlining the details of the data transaction, and is stored in a public database. The smart contract is usually piggybacked between platforms by a smart chain network like Ethereum or Binance.

Once the requirements of your job order are analyzed, we shall share the portfolio of our resources with matching skill sets. You can conduct F2F interviews to assess the depth of their role. We have project managers in place to track resource output, and alternate team members who can step in to make up for lost productivity should any disruptions in quality or deadline occur.