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Hire MEAN Stack Developers

Hire MEAN Stack Developers

With a strong Node.JS backend environment, the MEAN stack is the best technological cocktail for building quick and responsive online apps. The database management technique used by the MEAN stack is extremely sophisticated. MEAN stack applications run swiftly thanks to MongoDB, which also enables quick modifications without a lot of manipulation. MEAN stack apps are incredibly secure, even with high traffic volumes.

The MEAN stack offers increased scalability and user management, making it the ideal solution for creating cloud-native apps. Creating single-page applications (SPAs) that display all information and features on a single page is another excellent use of the AngularJS front-end framework. Since MongoDB, Angular, and NodeJS are JavaScript-based platforms and frameworks, applications created using this tech stack have a higher degree of interoperability than those created using other tech stacks.

Hence, HourlyDeveloper offers an assortment of MEAN stack development services and solutions to help your businesses, startups, and enterprises as one of the top MEAN stack development companies in India. We use the MEAN stack to create suitable and secure web applications. Our team of remote MEAN stack programmers has years of combined expertise in creating scalable, adaptable, and interactive MEAN stack online services and apps for companies of all sizes.

What Makes MEAN Stack Developers So Sought After?

MongoDB enables the hosting of MEAN stack apps on the Cloud, thereby paving the way for future-ready software. The common JavaScript code allows programmers to develop flexible software codebases. Using the MEAN web stack, our developers can rapidly create an application. When creating the app's MVP, the ability to construct the solution more quickly is extremely helpful. Thanks to its Test-driven Development perks, MEAN stack applications are also simpler to test compared to counterparts built with other technological stacks.

Therefore, there is a high adoption rate among businesses, globally, for MEAN stack application development.


MongoDB Has 37K+ Customers

MongoDB is not just used by developers and businesses, but, by academic institutions and startups as well because of its scalability.


4.1M Websites Using AngularJS

Angular occupies the fifth place among the top 10 most used web frameworks among developers worldwide.


NodeJS Cuts Page Loading Time

NodeJS is used by eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, PayPal, etc. are using Node.js as a part of their MEAN stack requirements.

Hire MEAN Stack Developers For The Following Technologies


Free 30-Min MEAN Stack Dev Consultation Before Hiring

You can reach HourlyDeveloper's MEAN stack specialists by sending a message. Get a quick quote today by submitting your SRS.

Steps To Hire MEAN Stack Developers

Share Project Details

1. Share Project Details

Provide us with information about your project, such as features, functionalities, and preferred technologies and platforms.

Choose Candidates

2. Choose Candidates

We'll help you select the perfect developer from our pool of experienced professionals.

Conduct Interviews

3. Conduct Interviews

We'll arrange and manage interviews with the chosen candidates for you.

Onboard the Developer

4. Onboard The Developer

After identifying the best candidate, we'll provide them with all the necessary information to begin working.

Agree to Contract and Payment Terms

5. Agree To Contract & Payment Terms

We'll work with you to finalize contract and payment terms that align with your project's requirements and budget.


6. Replacement

If the initial hire doesn't meet your expectations, we'll help you find a more appropriate candidate for your project.

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Project Delivered

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Global Clientele

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Why Hire MEAN Stack Developers From Us?

Our MEAN team includes full-stack developers who have deep experience with all the MEAN components (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and NodeJS). We can build scalable, innovative, and futuristic web applications that take your business to the next level using MEAN Stack developers for hire. Since we are a reputable software company, we serve clients from a wide range of industries.

Using MEAN Stack, HourlyDeveloper's developers develop logical projects encompassing requirements gathering, operation analysis, and best practices to make sure you are getting the best results possible. By evaluating your existing web or mobile applications, we help you identify challenges and provide the best recommendations. As such, there are several perks to hiring dedicated MEAN stack developers from HourlyDeveloper.

Hire Developer

With our extensive knowledge of backend development, even the most challenging server-side challenges can be simplified.


Hire dedicated MEAN stack developers that can communicate with clients through remote communication and project management tools.


The developers at HourlyDeveloper are experts at swiftly delivering cutting-edge software solutions for clients' MEAN stack needs.


For the development of front-end and back-end applications, HourlyDeveloper's MEAN stack developers have demonstrated proficiency in MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.


If quality or performance issues develop, we have a large pool of MEAN engineering expertise from which to draw.

Transparency & Accountability

As a client-focused company, data security and privacy are vital to us. All of our clients are free to keep the source code for any of our projects.

Engagement Model

Full Time Full Time

It Includes:

Duration : 160 Hours/Month

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Dedicated TeamDedicated Team

It Includes:

Team Members : 1 (PM), 1 (QA), 4 (Developers)

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : Monthly

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile


It Includes:

Duration : Hourly Basis

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Hiring Period : 24 Hours (minimum)

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Methodology: Agile

Offshore Dev CenterOffshore Dev Center

It Includes:

Location : Development Center Set Up In India

Team Members : 20 Minimum

HourlyDeveloper Team : Project Managers, HR, Legal, Accounts & Support Team

Communication : Slack, Skype, Phone, Chat, Email, etc.

Project Trackers : Jira, Daily Reports, Basecamp, etc.

Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star1 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star2 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star3 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
Consulting Startups, SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies star4 Hire Vetted Well-Groomed Developers In Your Country's Time Zone.
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star5 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star6 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star7 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed
25+ Years Of Experience - 220+ Qualified Engineers star8 High-Quality Software Developers - Award Winning Apps Developed

People Talk About Us

Marc Selzer

When we wanted to launch our service to a global market, we were quite apprehensive about the cost and the technology. We are not exactly technically-sound entrepreneurs. But, HourlyDeveloper built and deployed the app exactly as we wanted. Not only that, but they have also assisted in maintaining and scaling the app service.

Marc Selzer

Melbourne, Australia

Jacob Lefcourt

HourlyDeveloper has helped improve our enterprise applications for better ETL performance, cybersecurity, data decentralization, and other business-oriented purposes. We have been able to meet our annual revenue goals thanks to a more sound technological partnership.

Jacob Lefcourt

California, USA

Andy Michelis

We cannot thank HourlyDeveloper enough for helping our mom-and-pop business become a successful eCommerce service within our operative area. Now, our store has the same features as the big names like Amazon and eBay, and our customers are happier. Thank you, HourlyDeveloper.

Andy Michelis

Manchester, UK

Hassan Mohamed

We were looking for a dedicated mobile app developer for hire and preferably overseas, as the cost of hiring a development agency in the US goes through the roof! We found a hidden gem in the interwebs when we stumbled across HourlyDeveloper. They have been our technological partner mainstay since we opened shop. As long as HourlyDeveloper continues to innovate, we’re here to stay!

Hassan Mohamed

Chicago, USA

Blanche Labelle

‘Take it from a business owner, that ‘best app developers’ is a matter of substance and not brand image and marketing. In a short span of time, HourlyDeveloper did for my SME what several other development agencies considered a monumental task. Now, not only do I cater to customers with ease, all my employees can work flexibly thanks to this Cloud-based productivity platform that HourlyDeveloper has given us!’

Blanche Labelle


Frequently Asked Questions?

Dedicated MEAN stack developers have certified skills in NodeJS and ExpressJS: npm, REST, CRUD, Gulp, Grunt, Socket.io, and Node.js multi-processing skills. They must be savvy in AngularJS: knowledge of the Bootstrap grid system, TypeScript, dependency injection, SPAs, pipelines, and testing. For backend engineering, they also need to know MongoDB: for ingestion, querying, data modeling, replication, and sharding. Besides, they should be familiar with the fundamentals of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, GIT, and DevOps.

Despite its adaptability, the MEAN stack has a very specific use case. The MEAN stack is perfect for mobile apps, cloud-native apps, and similar applications because of its scalability. User scalability is easier with the MEAN stack, hence it is highly recommended for web development. The AngularJS framework is also used to develop single-page applications (SPAs) and applications like calendars, maps, internet news aggregators, and more.

In the USA, the starting compensation for a MEAN developer is $4,000 per month, while the maximum salary is reported at $8,000 per month. Developers of the MEAN stack are paid between $3,400 and $3,800 in France, $4,400 and $5,500 in the UK, $6,500 and $8,000 in Norway, and $3,500 in Italy annually. Approximately Rs. 5.3–6.4 LPA ($540–$655) is the typical annual compensation for a MEAN stack engineer in India.

Today's apps must be dynamic, adaptable, user-friendly, and have excellent navigation and design. Due to its economic friendliness, while supporting emerging technologies, MEAN stack development stands head and shoulders above other technology frameworks. Because it is a full-stack development, there is a lot of control over irrational additional resource use, which benefits both the clients and the engineers.

It has its own set of advantages to provide in terms of the best possible user experience and data management because it is a complete JavaScript framework. Both Windows and Linux are supported. The framework's strength and dependability allow for a quick data recovery process. Since both NodeJS and AngularJS provide a better environment to construct competent online apps, higher traffic is undoubtedly observed.

There are plenty of benefits to using MongoDB besides just its open-source, cross-platform status. MongoDB is highly compatible with JSON document format data models. As a schema-less independent NoSQL database, it is highly malleable to diverse use cases. Its scalability also contributes to a pliable database architecture that can handle large volumes of data. Plus, it can also balance large volumes of server as well as client-side data.

Indeed. Since JSON is widely used, whether it be in AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, or ExpressJS, it is advantageous to have a smooth distribution of data within layers. The nicest thing is that the code won't need to be written again. Data can easily move between the levels without having to be rewritten or formatted. Everywhere data is used by MEAN, a standard JSON format is used. Even working with APIs grows easier over time.

Yes. With the help of some free open source tools and libraries that can be easily reprocessed for the front as well as the backend, developers can track the entire development flow, watch the data exchange, and identify the occurrence of errors or bugs because the entire development process speaks a single language.

When determining the price for your company's MEAN stack web app development, several things are taken into account, such as the project difficulty and size, the number of integrated features, the number of developer resources available, testers, and design components. A lot depends on the specialist's qualifications, level of seniority, the job at hand, and certain other expenses that must be incurred.

The MEAN software stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack that is suitable for both developing mobile applications and web applications. As all components of the MEAN stack support programs are written in JavaScript, applications developed using it can have a ‘write once, run anywhere’ approach to both server-side and client-side components.