Who is MEAN Stack Developer? What are the advantages of hiring MEAN stack Developers?

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February 7, 2019
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There are different sets of technologies available in the current scenario, letting different users to enjoy the spectrum of convenience and comfort.

In this race, MEAN stack is the best framework to be accessed. However, most out there, are not aware of this technology and mistake it to be an ordinary technology, but what they fail to understand that there is much more to be experienced in terms of advantages with this technology, so with this post let’s read ahead it further…

What is MEAN Stack?
MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack, which has great potential in developing the incredible and dynamic web applications and websites.The acronym MEAN stands for the MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, these all are the open source JavaScript-based technologies. A full-stack JavaScript framework is used for developing web apps quickly and easily.

Who is MEAN Stack Developer? 
A MEAN Stack developer is eventually a qualified specialist who has the expertise to handle and manage all stages of developing web applications, starting from server logic and implementing it using various technologies and frameworks, and ending with client code working directly in the browser.

The technical competencies he posses, are:
 Compressive approach towards the front-end and back-end processes
 Able to work with HTML / CSS
 Well-equipped with databases
 understanding of programming templates and architecture design guidelines
 Profiling and optimizing applications

What Are The Advantages of MEAN Stack?

The number of advantages MEAN holds are:

1. Open Source And Cloud Compatible-
Surprisingly, all the involved MEAN stack technologies are open source and come at NO charge. By using MEAN stack, the development process becomes, easier by utilizing the libraries and public repositories, which further cuts the development cost. MongoDB allows deploying cloud functionalities within the app by reducing the disk space cost.

2. Code transferring- 
MEAN lets the developers transfer the code to another framework effortlessly. This makes the MEAN a preferred and mostly picked framework by the developers across the globe.

3. Highly Flexible- 
With the MEAN framework, developers can test the application on cloud platform easily after successful completion of a development process. This further helps the developers to easily develop, test the app to be introduced in the cloud platform. MongoDB, specifically designed for the clou235d, provides full cluster support and automatic replication.

4. Ease of Switch Between Client And Server Easier- 
Every app development process gets highly simple and faster with the integration of MEAN, as it allows the developers to code only in one language i.e JavaScript for both client and server side. A JavaScript developer can manage the complete app project with the help of MEAN Stack formula.

5. It Is Cost-effective- 
Of course, the development cost is the most troubling fact for every business owner, that’s MEAN stack is the best solution to address this issue. MEAN stack development involves the developers, who have the expertise in JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. As MEAN stack technology stands for MORE within less number of the framework, thus the amount getting invested to hire the number of developers will also be less.

6. MEAN Uses JSON- 
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS and the MongoDB is a factor based relational database, which allows users to save documents in JSON format.

7. High Speed And Re-usability- 
Node.js framework holds the non-blocking architecture, which lets the speedy development to take place. On the other hand, Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework, offering maintenance, testability, and reusability. The powerful aspects of these frameworks trigger the great testability and domain-specific language.

Undeniably MEAN stack is the fastest growing framework and is turning into a popular framework, so if you are willing to integrate this cutting-edge technology a part of your app development process, then you must reach  HourlyDevelopers.io team to hire MEAN Stack Developer, because we have a team of experts who have the experienced team to handle your development requirement.