What is the difference between graphic designer and front-end developer?

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March 5, 2019
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It is not shocking that many people confuse graphic designer with front-end developers as it is the most common misconception present in IT industry. To state out the fact, there is a thick line between these two professions. In digital space, User Interface implies every little thing that a user might interact with. Graphics designer can design how it should look like but front-end developer brings life to this design. Frontend developers develop the user interface be it websites or applications, it can be tricky as a combination of design and engineering is required to achieve perfection over user interface development. The best way to assure total perfection over user interface is to hire front-end developers.

A graphic designer has to handle all graphical concepts like banners, logos, flexes etc. for which they usually use tools like Photoshop or CorelDraw. They also have to take care of wireframes which require working flow logic of the project.

On the other hand, a front-end developer handles design concept that may include a color combination of website, layout, fonts etc. They have to make the website responsive as per device requirement by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap etc

Front end technology is constantly evolving and hence front-end developers have to evolve at the same constant rate to be in a competitive market. ReactJS is one such Javascript library that is both flexible and efficient especially for building single page applications. You can hire ReactJS developers from HourlyDeveloper.io as we have some of the best talents for ReactJS front-end developers.

AngularJS is quickly trending as it is the best structural framework for developing dynamic web pages. Using AngularJS, an experienced front-end developer can extend HTML’s syntax and express applications component succinctly. HourlyDevelopers.io also provides an option to hire an AngularJS developer for your business requirement.

There are many new technologies and frameworks in the market for frontend development. AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Iconic 2, Grunt etc and the list goes on and on. Our frontend developer uses such tools at their disposal to develop the best user interface that can attract anyone who comes across the product.

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