What is the Difference Between Front-end and Back-end Development? Where can I Hire Back-end Developer from India?

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Hire Back-end DeveloperYou might have probably heard a lot of technical stuff about the words “Front-end” and “Back-end” development. These terms are thrown around a lot in the industry, but what does exactly each of them mean, it can be a bit frustrating to know what you are looking for unless you understand what difference persists in each of them. Let’s have a detailed look at each of them.

Front End Development:

Front-end as the name suggests deals with the look and feel of the website and is also refried as client-side development. From different front to colors of menu, everything that you while navigating your way around the internet is a result of front-end development. HTML the fundamental coding language which is accompanied by CSS comes in front end development. UI frontend developers also work with JavaScript and other technologies for client-side scripting. Frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS comes are used for frontend development.

Back End Development:

Back-end refers to the soul of the application or website. Similar to a soul, the backend cannot be seen but that’s the only thing that keeps the website up and running. It is often referred to as server-side development and it is that portion of the website that a user cannot see. Back-end development consists of two parts: server and database. Back-end developers have to work with front-end to make their code work within design. Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and .Net are some of the most utilized programming languages of Back-end development.

where can I hire backend developer from India?

Firstly, you need to understand why to hire backend developer from India. India is leading in IT resource outsourcing through the globe. Back-end developers from India are experienced and loaded with the latest technologies that can help your business in great lengths. They are most convenient considering the price for hire. Full-time availability and commitment to the client’s project are also some points that you get only when you hire backend developer from India.

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