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DevOps  Trends 2023

Containers are lightweight, self-contained environments that make  it easy to host and manage web applications. It’s made to be fast, productive & dependable

Container Adoption Leading  DevOps Strategy

Server-less Computing can propel DevOps to  new highlight

Server-less computing simplifies DevOps operations while increasing architectural scalability and decreasing costs

The Advancement of Microservice Architecture

DevOps practices and microservices architecture allow decentralized teams to innovate more quickly, maintain control over technology stack.

The rise of DevSecOps

DevSecOps combines best practises in software development, delivery, & operations with an emphasis on security & observability to reduce risks & vulnerabilities in applications.

Adaptation of  Low-code App

Low-code platforms enable you to create app without any coding knowledge. Through a visual interface that manages the entire app development process.

Increased adoption of GitOps

GitOps is a Kubernetes-based paradigm that allows developers and IT operations teams to use Git to manage clusters and deliver applications.

Growing Demand for Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as Code uses code to automate resource management and provisioning rather than configuration tools.

DevOps Practices using AI and ML

DevOps teams can benefit from AI and Machine Learning by improving feedback loops and managing alerts.


Automation is now central to DevOps strategies that assist businesses in becoming more efficient, responsive, and transparent to their customers.

Cloud native Infrastructure

Many organisations have paved the way for a more robust cloud-centric platform that can support cloud-based apps and work processes.

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