Reasons to choose Python as a programming language for your start-up in 2021

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When a startup comes into existence, there are many factors and the facts have to be considered. In this run, Python has garnered the attention of many tech giants and has been considered as the leading option for budding startups.

Let’s figure out with this post, why Python should be taken as the chosen option for startups…

What Is Python?

Python has been on the market for nearly 30 years and is taken as the object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its very high-level built-in data structures can be further combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, which makes Python an alluring fact for Rapid Application Development and further, it is simple and its syntax emphasizes readability can reduce the cost of program maintenance.

Why Is Python So Popular?

Largely it is the simplicity of this language, which has helped it to get a huge user base. The only beautiful aspect of Python lies in its philosophy, which is known as “The Zen of Python”, which only suggests that “There is only one ‘best way to do something, and that is how it should be done.”

The other aspects of Python are:

  • It is versatile
  • It can be used for projects of practically any size
  • Tech-giants Google, Facebook, Reddit, Spotify, Netflix, and Dropbox, also use it largely

Why Pick Python For Your Startup?

Indeed, Python is perfectly suited for every startup and its business needs, which further aids them to offer scalable services within a reasonable time frame. The amount of pressure borne by every startup is immense and it keeps on growing, owing to the bigger competition bubble.

Henceforth, every startup needs to grow fast, and Python as a programming language certainly, helps you get ensure of scalable startup and its services. Python offers incredible services as an excellent programming language, like:

  • Makes an MVP and prototypes
  • Keeps investors happy with quick iterations
  • Develops a functional application
  • Works in a small team of developers
  • Grows startups as well as enterprises

Eventually, Python is certainly a strong language to be chosen as an excellent choice in picking them as a source technology, and there are multiple reasons to accept the fact, as the language is free to use, quick to learn, user-friendly, popular, stable, scalable, and one of the very best options to integrate the latest technologies like machine learning and data analysis. Further, Python is extremely fast to develop with, and being compared to other languages, it gives an MVP much faster.

For a startup, the very first requirement is to GROW, which can only be possible when the glut of new ideas, features, and functions can be implemented while saving time and reducing development costs, and Python fits the bill here.

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