From Where Can I Hire Front End Developer?

Whenever you open a website in your browser and the pages you see are known in technical terms as the front end of the web app. The front-end developers are responsible for building those pages keeping in mind many process stages. These stages are user integration, user experience map according to the business model, coding, designing, etc. Usually, front-end developers are found on a platform such as Behance, Upwork, Coroflot, and other websites. But those platforms only provide freelance developers who work remotely on various projects at one time. These developers sometimes fail to offer you the quality work you envisioned for your website. That’s why hiring a web development company is always a better choice than not only have market expertise but also understands your vision for business first.

From where can I hire front end developer

Why Hire From

  • Experienced UI/UX Designers

Our user integrated and user experience designers perform extensive research on competitors’ websites and your business models. This research is matched with your business requirements, and necessary tools are implemented to create a simple yet attractive user experience model on your web or mobile app.

  • Experienced Front-End Developers

A front-end developer writes code scripts for a web application. He/She is tasked with the development of client interaction to the back end of the web app. Our front-end developers bring lives to the designs of your web application or website. As a company, we only hire experienced and hardworking employees to serve our clients.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

A project manager communicates your project progress and reviews the development process by front-end developers and designers. Our project managers ensure the timely delivery of every project milestone mentioned in the proposal. Moreover, for future support and maintenance as well, our project managers guide for a quality web app throughout the year.

  • Flexible Pricing Model

Compared to a freelance developer, our pricing model is flexible to serve our valuable customers. We provide offshore development services in many countries, and our client found our price compared to low with an excellent quality of work. Our pricing structure is explained more below.

Our Pricing Model

1.Hourly Pricing

The hourly rate to hire any developer from our platform are $12-15 per hour. The delivery time is decided by you, but commonly, the front-end of a web application takes at least two months of working hours. 

2. Fixed Pricing

If you want to hire a front-end developer for a fixed project for example, for the user experience of the front-end only, we provide those ratings as well, but again these prices vary depending on the industry your business works in.

3.Project-Based Pricing

Another method we price for our service is project-based. Some projects have unique business model features which require innovation in small stages of front-end development.  Hence, requiring more efforts by our dedicated developers. Another factor for price decisions is the project size and service you choose from us.

Apart from front-end developers, we also provide in-house back-end developers, UI/UX designers, digital marketing executives, mobile app developers, and others having years of experience in the respective field.