What is NodeJS? And How it Helps for Perfect Back-end Development?

For every business, there are certain facts to be considered behind the choice of a technology stack. Every business has its own specific priorities and objectives to be accomplished and this largely gets affected by the specifics of the business domain and market. 

In this run, when you Hire Backend Developers India, then you get the incredible server-side—the back end of the product is considered to be the most important part, and in the back end development technologies, Node.js is one of the essentials, which is adopted by a majority of modern business domains in today’s time. Let’s find out more about NodeJS.

What is NodeJS? And How it Helps for Perfect Back-end Development?

What is Node.js?

It is an application runtime environment, letting the developers write server-side applications in JavaScript. It holds the I/O model, excelling every type of real-time situations, demanded by the servers.  Node.js is lightweight, efficient, and has the ability to utilize JavaScript on both frontend and backend.

How Node.js help your project?

It is a million-dollar question, and in this post, we are going to talk about the facts only!

Node.js is the server technology, lets the developers build an efficient solution using the same language on both the front end and the back end. This ensures to lower development costs. 

The integration of JavaScript, turns the application’s codebase easier to be understood, which further can be reused and easy-to-share the code between the frontend and the backend divisions of the application.

On the other hand, the Node.js community is ever-growing, which makes the knowledge base for the technology widely available. 

Node.js technology stack is open-source and free to be used.

What is Node.js used for?

  • Streaming data- to upload files in real-time, file encoding, building proxies between data layers.
  • Single page apps- Builds the modern web applications, heavy on processing on the client-side. 
  • Web applications- Creates the classic web apps on the server-side, using Node JS to carry HTML.
  • Chats / RTAs- It is easier to make lightweight real-time applications across multiple devices.
  • APIs- Easy to access REST / JSON programming interfaces and exposes the databases or web services.
  • Proxy- It makes it easy to deploy a Node as a proxy to handle connections in a non-blocking way. 
  • Dashboards- This allows the web application or system monitoring dashboards, to track user actions in real-time.

Benefits of using Node.js

  • It is an efficient choice for beginner developers, as JavaScript is a simple to learn, rich framework (Angular, Node, Backbone, Ember)
  • It is very fast, owing to the integration of Google’s innovative technologies and the event loop
  • It has the ability to keep data in native JSON (object notation) format in the database
  • Holds multiple modules (NPM, Grunt, etc.) and supportive community
  • It lets to create real-time apps, such as chats and games
  • It allows the single free codebase
  • A perfect choice for data streaming, such as audio and video files
  • It is sponsored by Linux Foundation, as well as PayPal,  Microsoft, Walmart to name a few

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